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Zombie Duck Tower Defence Games are a genre of video games that combine elements of tower defence, strategy, and horror. In these games, the player has to defend their base from waves of undead ducks that are trying to invade and destroy it. The player can use various types of towers, such as cannons, lasers, flamethrowers, and traps, to fend off the duck hordes. The player can also upgrade their towers, unlock new ones, and collect resources to improve their defence.

Zombie Duck Tower Defence Games are popular among gamers who enjoy challenging and thrilling gameplay. The games often feature different modes, levels, and scenarios, as well as a variety of duck enemies with different abilities and weaknesses. Some games also have a story mode, where the player can learn more about the origin of the zombie duck outbreak and the characters involved. The games are usually rated for mature audiences, due to the graphic violence and gore that they depict.

Some examples of Zombie Duck Tower Defence Games are:

- Zombie Duck Attack: A game where the player has to protect their farm from a mutant duck virus that has turned the ducks into zombies. The game has 50 levels, 10 types of towers, and 15 types of ducks.
- Duckpocalypse: A game where the player has to survive the end of the world caused by a meteor that has brought alien ducks to Earth. The game has 40 levels, 8 types of towers, and 12 types of ducks.
- Quack of the Dead: A game where the player has to stop a mad scientist who has created a zombie duck army. The game has 30 levels, 6 types of towers, and 10 types of ducks.



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