Zombies Board Game Jump Zombie

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Zombies Board Game Jump Zombie is a thrilling and fast-paced game for 2 to 4 players. The objective is to survive the zombie apocalypse by jumping over obstacles, collecting weapons and fighting off the undead horde. The game features a modular board that changes every time you play, creating different scenarios and challenges. The game also includes 100 zombie miniatures, 4 survivor tokens, 16 weapon cards, 8 obstacle tiles and a dice. To play, each player chooses a survivor and places it on the starting tile. Then, they draw a weapon card and place it face up in front of them. The weapon card shows the number of dice they can roll when attacking zombies. The player with the highest number of dice goes first. On their turn, a player can move up to 3 tiles in any direction, as long as there is no obstacle or zombie on the way. If they encounter an obstacle, they can try to jump over it by rolling a dice and comparing it to the obstacle's difficulty level. If they succeed, they move to the other side of the obstacle. If they fail, they stay on their tile and end their turn. If they encounter a zombie, they can try to fight it by rolling their weapon dice and comparing it to the zombie's defense level. If they equal or exceed it, they kill the zombie and remove it from the board. If they fail, they take damage equal to the difference between their roll and the zombie's defense. If a player's health reaches zero, they are eliminated from the game. After a player's movement and combat phase, they draw a new weapon card and place it face up in front of them. Then, they spawn new zombies on the board by drawing tiles from a bag and placing them on empty spaces adjacent to existing tiles. The tiles show how many zombies spawn on them and where they move. Zombies always move towards the closest survivor, unless there is an obstacle in the way. If a zombie reaches a survivor's tile, it attacks them automatically and deals damage equal to its attack level. The game ends when either all survivors are eliminated or one survivor reaches the exit tile. The survivor who reaches the exit tile wins the game.



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