New Zombie Surgery Game

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Zombie Surgery is a new game that challenges you to perform life-saving operations on the undead. You are a doctor who has discovered a cure for the zombie virus, but you need to extract it from the brains of infected patients. You have to use your skills and tools to cut, slice, and stitch your way through the rotting flesh and avoid triggering the zombies' hunger instincts. The game features realistic graphics, sound effects, and physics that will make you feel like you are in a real operating room. You can choose from different levels of difficulty and scenarios, such as a zombie outbreak in a hospital, a military base, or a school. You can also customize your character and equipment, and unlock new achievements and rewards. Zombie Surgery is a game that will test your nerves, your reflexes, and your compassion. Do you have what it takes to save the world from the zombie apocalypse?



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